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Posted by guest, Tue Mar-06-01 09:14 AM
That's a good idea, integrating something parents are getting into working out (even if it is a fad now to join gyms andthey aren't solutions, just quick fixes) and schooling. The intimacy created being that the building would be nexus for both would cause more collision between parent-student if nothing more. The cascead YMCA comes to mind. Plus the teachers would be part of the gym too thus creating a bond and interaction between students. When i was speaking to Solarus about this, the idea is wholistic in so many ways i moght need to start a database of all the ways that everything interacts with everything. The community center could provide schools for students as well, getting them to interact notonly with other students and THEIR parents, but other students' parents. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. We have to stop seeing our communities as so disconnected. Remember when you were little and lived in the same plpace for years and years and knew everybody? WE NEED THAT BACK. THIS IS OUR WAY.


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