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25076, Initially startup
Posted by urbgriot, Tue Mar-06-01 09:01 AM
I was thinking small with a preschool and a workout gym for adults(children physical training and exercise)... Two reasons:

Reach the children at an early age building self esteem, establishing idenity, creating a fondation for learning, and planting seeds in a Afrikan perspective. Detoxing them from Western culture before it really takes into effect.

Peep, alot of us, Afrikan peoples, do not put much stock in education. Parents do not support their schools like they should, teachers never build a relationship with the parents, the school is underfounded (something that could be hepled if the parents supported the schools), children do not receive the reinforcement when they return home. We know that private schools for us are not cost efficient. First the cost for the enrollment of one child does not cover the cost of supporting that child through the school. We know the stories, but you know whats funny is that we can go to Run and Shoot, Golds, or whatever get our lift on, play some bball, or do some aerobics. Well two prong solution, the gym or athletic center can lure adults, who will pay to shoot hoops, workout, or lift weights it can support itself and the profits can help support the school. Second reason: hopefully parents would enroll at the gym and enroll their children in the school. This would allow parental interaction with the school more achievable. It's sad but I have witnessed parents that just drop their children off and pick them up never really getting envolved with the happening of the school, even when they are paying for the service. We have to make it more attractive for the parents...