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Posted by Mesnjah, Wed Mar-07-01 07:57 PM
>Charles Hamilton reminds us that "integration,"
>as we have understood it,
>is not synonymous with quality

Agreed. Given the qualifier: "as we have understood it"

>Hamilton's vision of a
>quality education is one where
>the school belongs to a
>community and where the school
>becomes the center of a
>host of related community activities.
>This means drawing on strength
>that flows out of group

What if the school's community is a supportive integrated community? A community of like minded people with mutual respect and regard for one another. Fighting for the same things, although they may come from a range of ethnic backgrounds? I believe such communities do exist, can be built, and that they have legitimate group unity through human, not racial, solidarity of purpose.

>As it relates to today's times,
>all too often efforts are
>made to mimic and become
>like the "status quo" without
>every asking whether it is
>essentialy good quality. Why attempt
>to mimic the best schools
>in this nation when what
>is taught perpetuates the ideas
>of this nation which are
>the very same ideas that
>cause the problems people face?

I agree, integration as currently practiced in America's schools has many flaws. The education system itself, the way curriculum is developed and taught, and the way schools are funded are also major problems. (I could put many quotes from "They Schools" right here but... "if education ain't elevating me then fuck education, at least they shit.")

>In another post someone stated
>that "blacks have to work
>10 times harder than whites
>to get the same 'privilages'
>" Why are we trying
>to mimic them in the
>first place? is the question
>I ask. Attempting to follow
>the same procedures as Europeans
>will only lead to the
>same results. We HAVE to
>change it up, at some
>point you have to realize
>what DOESN'T work.

Yes and no. It's all about choosing your battles. Some things are not worth working for at all, others are worth working your whole life for. "Privileges" is a very broad term, and it's not synonomous with Western way of life. Like someone pointed out, there are some privileges that are worth fighting for, and which can be used as tools to further elevate the people. Struggle does not *always* lead to false promises and glass ceilings, even though it often does.


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