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25055, RIGHT NOW...
Posted by guest, Tue Mar-06-01 08:52 AM
I'm reading an essay on some of the differences between African cultures and here. The examples you listed are virtually unheard of and in the case of mental retardation, which in itself a western concept, not usually a problem. A while ago there was the topic of ADD (attention deficit disorder) a purely western concept when you think about it. Or another one, as Solarus informed me, Schizophrenia, which in the west is handled differently than in traditional Afikan societies. Both of these "biological illnesses" are handled in different ways in the Afrikan culture. This shows that certain stimuli are cultural specific and can be combateed by a better way of life, a better culture and a better education. I'll explain more after I read this article. Those factors don't impede learning, look at it this way "there are no bad students, just bad teachers". An effective way of teaching just needs to be found.

"REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, and even more than that, the fake, they REALLY REALLY recognize REAL!" -BlackThought