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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 05:24 PM
"One can judge the status of a people by the condition of its children" -Crawford

If one can judge the culture by the condition of the children, being that they're connected, then this culture is really in need of some help. The educational system needs to be revamped. As afrikans, our educating of children was never separated from community as it is here in this land. When one even speaks of education on thinks SCHOOL, as separate from society. In OUR tradition there is no separation. Why do schools have TO TRY to get parents involved in their child's education? practically BEG? Because there is the fundamental problem that this culture has towards education, seeing it as separate from the learning experiences of life. This is not our way people.

More than that, this way is not preparing our children to deal with the problems it'll encounter in this society. Let's not speak of elevating human existence and continuing our culture. This way is not working for us for many reasons(or them for that matter):

1)lacking our history, necessary part of knowing one's identity

2)teaching from an obviously biased perspective

3)reinforcing western social and cultural tendencies that just don't work and continue to perpetuate that way of life.

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"REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, and even more than that, the fake, they REALLY REALLY recognize REAL!" -BlackThought