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Topic subjectIs it Sad?
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25043, Is it Sad?
Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 04:48 PM
VERY. Been observing this board lately and can tell that destroying(disagreeing) has a more powerful or popular spirit than building. Often UTAMAROHO, SOLARUS, CUED and others come off as antagonistic when in reality they're building/destroying, educating on a righteous way of living/challenging western culture respectively. If you read what they're really saying, it's simple, but off hand it is easy to attack off the jump when one lacks understanding. Solarus posts that "race is not the problem, the western conceptual system is" so much you'd think it'd be the boards motto. Unfortunately there is little reflection before response. I always think how responses would be if there were a madatory wiat time where one reads, rereads and THEN posts. GREAT POST by the way.