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25040, REMEMBER...
Posted by guest, Tue Mar-06-01 09:07 AM
>>businesses not just to quench consumerism, but that we really need to become self-sufficient.

great point. REMEMBER in malcolm x when al sharton was saying "we can make clothes from wool, but where are our factories at? we can get milk from cows but where are our grocery stores at? we need to be the producers of our own factories" ?

Solarus is always saying that you can't teach a hungry child, feed him first. Being that many black families face economic crisis, self sufficiency and producing our own necessities would be paramount. Why look outside for jobs, if we create our own and export the goods out to make money for OUR communities after providing oursleves with the bare necessities, then we have a WIN/WIN solution. I have relatives that produce their own vegetables then sell the excess. Black farmers that need our business are doing the same but have no buyer, incorporating the community school with them agian solves two problems and we are exhibiting that WIN/WIN "don't look outside for needs" mentality.

Instead of another chicken joint we would have textile factories, farms, and such. Industries where we can get our needs from (instead of buying tommy hilnigger) and them make money from outside. We all should pick up Black Economics and see that black businesses fail all the time because we export our dollars out of our communities. LET'S BUILD ANOTHER TULSA!

"REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, and even more than that, the fake, they REALLY REALLY recognize REAL!" -BlackThought