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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 02:23 PM
>>But i forgot about water? Where would the water supply come from.

i found water solutions for groups of homes but none for institutions. the solar energy site i found was on some anarchist site. believe it or not, one of the good things about the 2000 scare is that it taught people the basics of self sufficiency. there are groups that bought up all the generators and water supply products and solar cells and continue to use them now. some institutions at that! being that the only reason people use electricity from Georgia Power is that its the only game in town and integrated into their location. i.e. the only game in town. there are alternatives, but with the allmighty dollar being the drive for using these comppanies, people just don't know about them. Water wouldn't be a problem.

>>Some of my initial thoughts on such (especially for families with poor parent/child relationships) is to have classes programs and workshops with the parents. Families potentially hold the most influential force i the lives of children. This needs to be recognized.

being that one of the problems the people we're trying to reach is in the economic field. the inclusion of our own businesses from which we can generate money for those poorer families really shows the need for our OWN businesses to be there in the genesis of this project. there are so many ways to bring money into a community when one considers that one need not work for someone else. in the self sufficiency class i talked of having students run a business of their own. if i own a restaraunt that these students can manage and run, they learn and earn, within a business in their own community with the communities best interest in mind. why then send them to McDonald's to build up someone else's? The whole "i am because we are" applies here. The school could be a job training center/community center/physical activity center/ etc... but we'd also have businesses that interacted with the schools to uplift those economically stressed.

p.s. are there any raw restaraunts in ATL like "Delights" ? if not maybe i can start one.


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