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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 01:42 PM
Some of the specific classes offered:

SELF SUFFICIENCY, where students learn basic skills of producing for themselves in the world, i.e. having to start a small business and learn the dynamics of such an activity. Showing the translation to the rest of life, giving students business acumen and realization that they can work for themselves.

AFRIKAN MARTIAL ARTS, a place to learn first self discipline and self defense second. Physical conditioning in this regards puts a premium on lifetime physical fitness, for when you incorporate a discipline that takes years to really know about, the chances of practice outside the school is higher. look at tai chi.

AFRIKAN HISTORIES, as told by some of our finest scholars, N. Akbar, C.A. Diop, R. Rashidi, M. Ani, I.V. Sertima, etc. Classical civilizations of KMT, ancient Ethiopia, NUBIA a focus. European culture represented accordingly.

HARD SCIENCES, as taught with history and integrated with Afrikan perspectives on the subjects

LANGUAGES, since young children have the capacity to learn multiple languages easily, different tongues would be introduced at an early age.

EUROPEAN CULTURE, as taught peripherally to afrikan culture. (my ideas on this class cannot be stated here but it would be one of the "most interesting" courses offered)

APPLICABLE LIFE SKILLS, this is a course especially geared towards teaching children things that adults have a hard time dealing with TODAY! Filling out forms, paying taxes, and understanding how to effectively navigate in this country/culture.


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