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Topic subjectAccredidation?
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25031, Accredidation?
Posted by Mesnjah, Mon Mar-05-01 11:36 AM
>Good you brought this up. The
>targeted grades would be birth
>through death. Being that this
>is a school build within
>community, the people involved would
>always be involved. Not that
>"grades" are unimportant, but in
>the "philosophy" of this school
>it is unnecessary. Looking at
>afrikan educational systems, we see
>the community being bound to
>the raising and education of
>the child throughout it's lifetime.
>Since the child is always
>a part of the community,
>it would always be part
>of the school.

OK, I understand what your saying and agree that may be the best way to educate a child, however, in this western society don't you have to become accredited as a private school to enroll children? I believe education is compulsory in the United States up to some level, but I'm not sure what that level is or if it is determined individually by the states. Have you looked into the rules and regulations regarding private school education? I honestly don't know much about this but I didn't think one could start a school that is as non-conformist as what you're proposing.

There is a supreme court case which might be relevant to this, Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972). The respondents were Amish people who challenged the state's compulsory education law which mandated school attendance to age 16. The court ruled in favor of the Amish, saying their first amendment rights outweighed the state's interest in providing education to age 16. The main reason they succeeded in this case though was their long standing and well documented belief system which was antithetical to many of the values taught in mainstream high schools (like science, progress, socialization with outsiders). I don't know how this decision impacts private schools, or schools in DC for instance, but it might be relevant.


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