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Topic subjectWhat grades are you targeting?
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25029, What grades are you targeting?
Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 10:51 AM
Good you brought this up. The targeted grades would be birth through death. Being that this is a school build within community, the people involved would always be involved. Not that "grades" are unimportant, but in the "philosophy" of this school it is unnecessary. Looking at afrikan educational systems, we see the community being bound to the raising and education of the child throughout it's lifetime. Since the child is always a part of the community, it would always be part of the school.

For example: people graduate from Morehouse and never ome back, you might see money come in, but no involvement whatsoever. This reduces the interaction between the school(children) and the community to a simple financial relationship. This is classic western parent/child interaction when you look at it. One needs, the other provides. Interdependence is overlooked. The students would be involved in the "cycle" at all times. I know, I know. You can't make anyone do that! Someone said this too me when i explained the idea. Well, this is more than starting a school, this is changing reality and the mind state of those involved in the school also. This is community building, this is nation building. Instead of focusing on the problems, there comes a time when you recognize the problem, and use that as a template of how not to do something after you've figured out what you want to do. These schools aren't preparing us for the future, and are certainly not developing the type of people our ancestors hoped, and dreamed, we would be.


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