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Topic subjectI FEEL YOU.
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25026, I FEEL YOU.
Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 11:04 AM
We'd be pulling the best from the best.

Consider this, something I posed to Solarus: Like "Delights of the Garden", I get ten brothers adn sisters together who are like minded individuals who want to do this. As preparation each of us goes out to black communities exhibiting self reliance/sufficiency and overall desire to help our community of people. One might ge involved with the Hebrew Isrealites here in Atlanta, and elsewhere who went from a small restaraunt on Abernathy to a whole complex, provided many services for their community, and are a tight knit unit based on spirituality. One might get involved with projects by the Nation Of Islam who have organizational skills like i've never seen and have started their own schools with their own cultural ideas as the root, and have been succesful. Another might look at charter schools and get involved so as to see where some have successes and others failure.
Say each of us also educated ourselves in a business arena and owned or operated a business which could be a future source of revenue for the school. "Money won't come from nowhere"(Solarus).
We now have information on how to do it and people who have means to do it, all within a circle. No NEED to look outside for funds or procedure. the people who came together already have that. I think the hard part is finding those people. This is no part time thing, African liberation and nation building is a LIFETIME thing which spans generation upon generation.

"REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, and even more than that, the fake, they REALLY REALLY recognize REAL!" -BlackThought