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25023, My thing
Posted by urbgriot, Mon Mar-05-01 12:20 PM
Is not to rely on the founders for funding, but making the school it's own seperate entity entirely, making sure that it stands on it's own, totally independent, as a pillar in the community. I agree with all your points..

>POWER, solar power and a member of the faculty, well versed in >it's operation, maintenance, upgrade, to handle it. Georgia >Power, outta here.
Interesting, I assume that the engergy generated would not affect nighttime operations. I would like to see the price/value ratio on this as well.

>TEACHERS, people who really want to teach will come. I know for >one, people who are so disgusted with status quo that they just >want to teach.
Agreed, but we do need to reward them adequately as well.

>The best thing about this is that it is applicable ideology for >community, not only school. To think these ideas will be used >solely for school is not accurate. The whole community will >share in the successes of the school.

I especailly like this idea. see my post #3 and #12.