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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 11:59 AM
>>Funding would be brought and surplused with the profits of the development of investments and those resources such as feeder businesses (small businesses), stock options (yes, stock options), and land ownership (facilities, housing, apartments).

On the right track, in another post on here I was speaking of businesses owned by the founders of the school. About the costs? well, me the idealist looks at things in just that way, IDEALISTICALLY.

POWER, solar power and a member of the faculty, well versed in it's operation, maintenance, upgrade, to handle it. Georgia Power, outta here.

FOOD, incorporation of desparately in need Black farmers, two birds with one stone. They need business, we need the resource.

TEACHERS, people who really want to teach will come. I know for one, people who are so disgusted with status quo that they just want to teach.

Also if you have like minded people as financial founders, then you have money, but my focus is getting away from money period. Or at least using it as a means of future self sufficiency. The best thing about this is that it is applicable ideology for community, not only school. To think these ideas will be used solely for school is not accurate. The whole community will share in the successes of the school.


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