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25021, Ideal
Posted by urbgriot, Mon Mar-05-01 11:12 AM
It's more to running the business than to buy the land and or facilities for the business to run... It has to continue to operate and function. Considering that we do live and operate under this Western system, initial startup will not due in the long run. Crisis occurs, bills increase, membership rises and falls, many of monkey wrench can be thrown into the program to add hurdles into it's existance. The problem with most Afrikan Centered School is that they are ill prepared for the hurdles and do not adept to change. another is that they "preach to the choir" and become almost elitist ignoring that many of the people who really desperately need to hear the message, but that is off subject. Funding is very important and that is why the school has to be a complete self sufficient entity with it's own resources and wealth. Funding would be brought and surplused with the profits of the development of investments and those resources such as feeder businesses (small businesses), stock options (yes, stock options), and land ownership (facilities, housing, apartments). while non of this would be overnight objectives it is imperiative that these initiatives take place. this money circulation would maintain and grow the school in it's entirety... so it would not turn into a telethon of begging for money and resources....