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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-05-01 10:20 AM
"REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, and even more than that, the fake, they REALLY REALLY recognize REAL!" -BlackThought

Solarus and I were standing in Howard's yard when the idea of including businesses in finance of the school. My ideals aer more idealistic his more connected to the reality in which we live. In my view, there would be no need for money for any purpose other than paying land taxes. period. total self-sufficiency means being in control and involved in the production of all aspects of one's livihood. In the nearby restaraunt "Delights of the Garden" ten brothers from Morehouse and the Brotherhood of KMT came together to start a business. Likewise my solution for the financial genesis for this type pf school is one where people of like minds come together and provide the initial start up of the institution. As Solarus puts it, the process would go like this:

1) like mided individuals come together

2) come up with plan

3) come together (geograhically that is, when people are scattered it makes it that much harder to produce the communal effect which is an inextricable part of the creation and sustaining of the school)

4) build

Back to the finance, money would be a one time thing only (in my idealised mind) why buy something that you know you'd keep buying veersus buying the tools to sustain oneself. Morehouse begs for money because it produces none of what it needs. HBCU's are at the mercy of benefactors that may or may not have their best interests in mind. Say I get that million from Ted Turner every year, and then do something to fall out of grace with his agenda, like tlak about the effects of his programming and company on Atlanta blacks. That's 1 million i've come to expect and am hurt by when it doesn't continue to flow in. Asking the delta's (especially when they're on the annihilate list) can never help. When you ask your enemies for help, you become a slave. That which has enslaved you (money) can never make you free. As Crawford said, never let there be anything that you put above your freedom, there should be nothing that one should have to NEED outside of self. I'm speaking on highly unorthodox procedures and solutions. In my thinking I purposely steer away from current practices (i.e. asking for money, rallies, and such) in attempt to define my own reality, i.e. TRUE POWER. I'd love to hear her viewpoints though. I am trying to get as much information on community building/education.