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Posted by Solarus, Mon Mar-05-01 02:34 PM

I just read this (see post #18). Having a business (or businesses) support the school is fundamental, that is, businesses that inextricably tied to the school. To make it more poignant, businesses that EXIST explicitly for the betterment of the school.

One point though: Having Deltas and/or Greek-letter fraternities and sororities be tied to the school is potentially dangerous. The basis of these organizations is NOT Afrikan-centered.

1. Looking at the history of how these organizations were founded,
2. Ancient groups in which they model themselves after,
3.AND the large-scale contemporary actions of these organizations and its members when concerning the Black community

leads one to suspect HOW beneficial they would be to an Afrikan-centered school. I am not ostracizing these members at all but I am cautioning the creation of a financial lifeline to these organization. Help is always needed but to have the organization itself possess ANY type of influence on the direction of the school MUST BE SEVERED. The participation of members as individuals and not the organization as a whole is welcomed.


"Activism is the practice of using an internal, self-determining source of power to live one's life and/or enact some sort of change. Power is the ability to define reality, while self-determination is to decide or define one's self. Therefore activism, is not simply something done to right some wrong or to fight some cause but rather it is a way of life. Activism is the way of life where one can define self and change anything that may impede or control the reality that one chooses to live."-Solarus