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25016, My girl
Posted by urbgriot, Mon Mar-05-01 09:52 AM
Being a early childhood education major at Morris Brown wants to start a school as well... we talk about the this all the time..

Social Responsibilty and Funding:
Think a speak freely in saying that most Afrikan cannot afford private instutitions of learning. A problem that I always considered is that many of the families that can do not enroll their children in Afrikan centered schools, choosing the Western standard schools and or religious schools. Well their were to things we want to accomplish with a school one to make it affordable for the parents of the children who could not afford it and two make it attractive for the parents of the children who could afford it. We both feel it neccessary to have the have and the have not mesh at the institution, building a since of community and planting seeds for the battle to come.
She really is not a businesswoman and does not have an idea of how to work a successful business in the Western cocept, something many black business fail to realize, I do have that knowledge being that I work and was educated in business.
One of my suggestions was for her to join an organization of broad influence and networking.(ie a greek letter organization) The Delta's and AKA's both wanted her since she was known on campus and the head of her department organization. I felt that she would be able to influence the women in favor of supporting the school easier and naturally have a network of women, children to support the school. She conflicts with the principles of the organizations and ,being a former member of Society of MAAT, could not support the organizations in her heart. I understand that, but could it not have been a good vehicle to help change mindstates. She also does hair, so I suggested that she could get a licence and open a natural hair and beauty salon that could help fund the school, while I could open a convience store or market that could in conjuction support the funding the school themselves. It is most important that the school be completely self sufficient and operate if possible as an Afrikan/Western firm. Western in operations and business and Afrikan in all other aspects.... I am open to ideas