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Topic subjectEarthships
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25015, Earthships
Posted by Sudani, Fri Mar-11-05 06:02 AM

This look at building structures using recycled materials may add to the theme of this thread. There are many possibilites that can be explored.

You might want to GOOGLE :
Earthship or
Self sustaining structures as well as
building w/recycled materials
yada yada yada.

There are a few homes that appear to have been built with recycled materials in ATL around the Grant Park/ Moreland Ave areas ( navigate around Constitution and residental roads). I am sure there are codes and permits to overcome.blah

As far as education u might want to look at GA Homeschooling laws & Charter Schools etc. and how you can work around them.

As far as Grouping people, it is good to get a group of like minded people who have mastered different skills. The Community can then learn a little(or a lot) about everything it takes to stand on its own. But all of this you all know already.

Great Topic!