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Topic subjectSHE IS NOT!
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25006, SHE IS NOT!
Posted by 360sunsumyea, Thu Jul-19-01 06:43 PM
is she? i'm confused.

but then again, uta has fake locs:) (right hotthyng?) so could be true!

**********THE SIG**********

"steal your mind back
don't die in their wilderness
fuck that"
-digable planets

"Actually, embracing (swallowing) the "African" part of "African American" is not very difficult at all...no cramming necessary. It's the "American" part that makes me gag..."

"I am not American because I do not share the same dream as most "Americans". I seek personal freedom, truth and reality or I seek my own dream. I am re-conditioning myself to be who I want to be, free of all that American b.s. and free of any label.
I do not agree that I have to accept any label created in this society. I am not trying to be included or to get along. I am trying to get free."