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Topic subject#5: are interracial relationships ok w/ u?
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24952, #5: are interracial relationships ok w/ u?
Posted by guerilla_love, Thu Jul-19-01 05:21 AM

I'd draw yuh bath
like Picasso..

pick you,
like fruit
off yuh family tree. &
eatcha' honeydew ass,


i believe in education and empowerment through art. i believe that movements happen when ideas are set to music. bodies and people come together through dance and movement, eyes awaken in the face of a good movie, and whatever ya gotta say is useless unless you can use these tools to reach right into people

"the skilled binder uses no strings or knots, while to unloose what he has bound would be impossible." Lao Tzu

"The logic of divide and rule is still valid today." Capleton

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