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Topic subjectif you dont like police beating your ass then....
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24829, if you dont like police beating your ass then....
Posted by guest, Thu Apr-20-00 11:37 AM
WRITE A LETTER...to some damn body...to all those people who said they were harassed by the police guess what nobody knows that except you and the friends and families you told. SO you have to speak up because most cases go unreported. Write a letter to your congressmen, and yes it may get no where but file a complaint with the police department. It cant hurt. Most young black youth who do get harrass by the police dont report it to anyone...so it just falls through the cracks. I bet if every Black youth who ever got harassed wrote a single letter that the mail boxes at the police departments would be over flowing. Write to the NAACP. Cant hurt.
I'm not saying that a letter will be the end all of all our problems with the police but every lil bit helps!!!
I dont know about where you live but in MD,Va, and Dc the police complaint forms can be found in local librarys.
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