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Topic subjectWho's Afraid
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24828, Who's Afraid
Posted by nushooz, Thu Apr-20-00 04:47 AM
I can't blame anybody for being afraid of the man. Somewhere along the way we all - including the police - have forgotten that THEIR JOB IS TO PROTECT & SERVE not PATROL & CONTROL! And the violent activities of the patrol board, aka the police, are the results of them forgetting just that.

I don't trust the police department to protect me, they only suspect me! In situations that I've had to deal with them, they approach with PRIMO ATTITUDE no matter what the situation. I know that there are some good cops but all I see is the actions of the bad ones.

Those children should be taught the real role of the police. They are here to SERVE us. At the same time, teach them that we all are accoutable to some body. And if you feel wronged its imperative to find some body to "right" you.

Those civilian rules of police engagement are good ones to follow - they will get you HOME and safe to FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!

I,I, I Can't Wait!