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24826, a little suspicious ...
Posted by el_rey, Tue Apr-18-00 01:11 PM
Hmmmm, sounds good on the surface, but I'm HIGHLY suspicious of such programs that are initiated by the police themselves. I just can't trust them to give people in the community the right information. Imagine if Bull Connor's police were giving out leaflets to Civil Rights workers on how to deal with the police if approached. Or Frank Rizzo's? The first thing we need to recognize is that we are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY with the police right now. Not that its any different then it always has, but the police are becoming more and more empowered to interrogate, harrass, and murder innocent people with each acquittal and slap on thye wrist. We live in a police state fam, and they are the last people we need telling us how to act when we are being harassed! If they are going to work on anything, they should be working on recognizing and eliminating racism within the police force (although given their history, I find it hard to imagine that this will happen).

I think that I have a booklet somewhere about "what to do if you're accosted" but put together by a community group. I will try and dig it out, and if there is anyone interested, I can make copies for you and send them off.

Just let me know ...

love and respect,
El Rey

"We live the now for the promise of the infinite." - Mos Def