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Topic subjectForgive me...
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24816, Forgive me...
Posted by BooDaah, Sat Apr-15-00 09:37 AM
..if that vent comment was a response to my ramblings. I really wrote all that to say that folk (especially chocolate ones of the male persuasion) have TONS of reasons to be mistrustful/scared/negative toward police/

As far as solutions, yeah filing a report and all that is cool. But unless you got video (and even then in Cali) or a gang of witnesses who have nothing to do with you, who are they gonna believe -- the person with the social stigma or the officer in question?

The best advice I can give is Watch your behind. Do everything in your power not to be a target for ignorance (ie - don't give 'em an excuse). And even if you still do that, you better be praying too, cause someday it just might be you in that darkened doorway.
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