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Topic subjectRE: I got so many damn complaints wit detroit po-po
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24814, RE: I got so many damn complaints wit detroit po-po
Posted by Finesse, Mon Apr-17-00 07:44 AM
I had actually filed a complaint on a cop.. because A he was follwoing me.. for a reason I dunno I wasn't even speeding... but I never realized it was a cop until he pulled me over.. it kind scared me to be honest cuz I thought it was some crazy driver following me.... tryin' to kill or ass or somethin'.. he was so far up my bumper it wasn't even funny.... I do admit to not stopig all the way @the damn stop sign.. but damn what are you suppose to do if you get nervous wondering why someone is following you.. eventually he pulled me over... when he accussed me of speeding.. I disagreed with him... obvisouly he was one of those "I am aways right" cops.. cuz that pissed him off and he told me to step outta my car.... now I had two witnesses which were my friends just in case, needless to say he gave me a ticket.. and when I went up to the percint(sp?) to tell them how I plead I told the lady what happened... and she had the nerve to tell me well maybe he was just having a bad day?!?! Bad day my ass that was no excuse for him to do what he did.... anyways I filed a complaint on him, but I doubt it did any good....... and it makes me wonder is it a point to complain?

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