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Topic subjectI got so many damn complaints wit detroit po-po
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24813, I got so many damn complaints wit detroit po-po
Posted by earthqueen, Mon Apr-17-00 12:32 AM
that it's damn ridiculous, shit from harrassment to leaving me and my girl stranded downtown, with a effed up transmission at 5 in the morning. saying a tow truck will be by soon, i thought they were here to protect and serve. Now i could see if we had been giggin, with the ret of the city but nukkas was comin from slavin(wurk), and them bastards just left us on the fuckin freeway...
and that was damn two years ago i havent been called for court date the first... so complaints and ish really don't count unless someone files them in your honor cuz you're RIP
i te4ach my mentees, to never pull over unless it's in a populated, well lit area, no side streets or nothin, adn i taught them how to read badge numbers and to remember po-po car numbers and liscense plates, hell, ain't too much i can do except pray..and protest

fuck all ya badge carryin muthafuckas, whip my ass gimmie my cash--Eddie Griffin
I know more about what freedom isn't , than what it is...ASSATTA
reverse psychology got'em scared to say when shit is WACK/the fear of being called a hater imagine that/we aint havin that/reachin past the star status that you grabbin at/my battle rap flash yo ass back to yo nat-tu-ral habitat....TALIB KWELI