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Posted by guest, Sat Apr-15-00 08:42 AM
This is coincidental because just yesterday I was approached by the 2 white cops in a car and all I heard in my head was "diallo...ahmadu..etc" I wasn't afraid just curious as to what they'd want with a girl standing on the bus stop coming home from school in her lil' catholic school uniform..anyway they ushered me over to the car when they were at a red light started askin me why I was coming home from school late trying to make it like a joke "o your coming from detention huh ha ha" , then they were asking me about girls they knew that went to my school, what grade I was in, where I lived..mind you the light had turned green like 5 min earlier...hole up now that I think about it, it almost sounded like an interrogation <scratchin head> the one thing I do know was that I wasn't about to get into the car even if they had asked if I wanted a ride home, they just looked like those "bad" cops..but from that experience right there, I know why youth nowadays are afraid of them esp young, black males. If I was practically interrogated right there on a street with my uniform on, how worse would it be for a black male chillen on the corner with his du rag and tims, underneath it all your still black and sometimes thats the only thing that counts.

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