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24805, Thoughts...
Posted by BooDaah, Sat Apr-15-00 08:40 AM

>Overall, it was good information. They
>Main three tips:
>1) Remain calm
>2) Do as you are told,
>regardless of how unreasonable
>3) If you feel that you
>have been violated in any
>way, immediately file a complaint
>(but with a precinct/district OTHER
>than the one that the
>offending officer is associated)

i really don't know what to say...the first one is cool i guess, but everybody knows that some cops trip off their power and are just out to get in your behind cause they can.

that said, you have to realize that THEY have all the power and not expedite making the situation into a power play. or give them an excuse to get in your mix (if not kill you).

I've hated cops (in general) for years based upon some seriously jacked up things I've had done to me. i know not all cops are bad, yeah, yeah, but the entire idea that a grooup exists which is SANCTIONED to make my life harder (under the guise of the public good) sticks in my teeth like stringy barbeque chicken.

>The most disturbing thing is that
>the kids who attended (between
>the ages of 13-20) were
>AFRAID of the officers (who
>were Black, as well as
>the people who attended).

Why not be afraid? Look at the news. Young and Black means you have a targt on you pure and simple. Hopefully that fear will translate to caution, because that's what'll keep them from getting Louima-d (RIP)

Wouldn't you be shocked if someone from the KKK or wherever offered to kick it with you. Sadly I know more people that have been gotten by cops than the KKK. And that's real,

As far as people of color being complacent in the face of brutality, I can understnad that to a degree too. Sometimes it's hard to fight when soomone is pressing you down. Especially when the mayor/police chief/judge/jury says it's okay for them to give you as much grief as they can.

>Thanks for reading.

Thanks for writing...:-)
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