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24696, my experience(s)
Posted by krewcial, Mon May-29-00 02:41 AM
I admit my view of "Americans" isn't too positive either, in general. Mainly becos of the (cultural) imperialism of the US.

However, in '94 I met 2 heads from Cali (Tom and Corey from Mystik Journeymen) who were very aware of the world outside the US. That was my first GOOD encounter. Since then I've remarked a LOT of people on these boards that are different, far from ignorant, and far from ethnocentric. Of course I knew my stereotypical view of 'THE' American was false, since there's no such thing as 'THE' American in the first place.

However, there is a LOT of truth in talking about Americentricity when it comes to American culture, politics, defense and economy.
And becos of this, it will be reflected in the behaviour/attitudes of a lot of US citizens, especially those who blindly accept that US culture & political system and what it does worldwide.

So there's a lot of truth in what you referred to, but of course (and luckily) it's not valid for EVERY American.

take care,

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