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Topic subjecthi tlanextic,
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24693, hi tlanextic,
Posted by yoplay, Sun May-28-00 06:14 AM
>All I'm saying is, evey person,
>every country, has a bias,
>and Americans just mess up
>more because we have the
>most to mess up with.
>But maybe that's just my
>americentric opinion. I could be,
>and probably am, wrong, but
>I have to stick with
>my impressions until someone show
>me a better way.

i think you're right about every country having it's bias'. england and france each have their own ways of inward looking, and sources of perhaps unnesecary pride. now, it's not that big of a deal, it's just accepted. but when as americans we have this americentric thinking, it is magnified and scrutinized more than other countries because we are so powerful. hollywood is also another way which these american ideals are spread throughout the world.

i disagree with you though about us just messing up becuase we have the most to mess up with. i think that this is a way of justifying, and accepting the terrible things we've done through our foriegn policy. i think that because of the fact that we have the most to mess up with, and all this power, it makes our mess ups that much more destructive. because of this great power and influence we have, i think that it's is all the more important that we as citezens pay attention to what our government is doing in other places with this great influence.
i think this also very much ties back into what's going on in our own country. i mean for hecks sake, our own govenment had crack/cocaine brought into the ghetto as a way of funding what they saw to be this countries foriegn intrests.