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24689, to a certain extent
Posted by guest, Sat May-27-00 02:34 PM
This is true. America is very focused on itself. But you can't blame the average American for this. Other countries are more aware because their media outlets make it possible. When I was in Sydney I became aware of world issues because the papers were better at getting this information out. So the average Aussie didn't have to seek out this information in obscure places just to be informed. They also are able to get entertainment from other countries so American and British shows, movies, and music comes in and broadens people's perspective.
America is very Americentric but much of it is not our fault. Most people are going to watch the TV in their living rooms and the news that comes on the basic network channels. The information that gets passed to them is very limited. The news has maybe 5 minutes on intl affairs. So yes you can say that we need to a better job of looking for information but the media needs to do a better job of presenting the information. Not everyone can read a variety of newspapers and news websites everyday to keep informed. People abroad are able to do this because the info is placed in their lap. They are bombarded with American images everyday and that is why they know more about us than we know about them.

I agree that we need to step out of our shell and learn about other countries and the real issues that go on. But to blame it on Americans and our ignorance....it doesn't sit well with me. This type of miseducation begins when we are in elementary school and continues. It is hard to blame people for this. So its not as clear cut as other countries are less focused on themselves because they are more informed citizens. The education in their country was designed around this.

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