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Topic subjectHey Viv...
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24657, Hey Viv...
Posted by guest, Mon May-29-00 02:01 AM
"in a circle of faggots, your name is mentioned."
"...Greg Louganis and his gay ass.."

think about who okayplayer itself supports...

i am Asian myself and i dont see how getting all worked up about the fuckin Bloodhound Gang is going to help the communities cause. Theyre the fuckin Bloodhound Gang! In about three monthes they'll be in a jacuzzi with Right Said Fred wondering what the fuck happened. Everyone is entitiled to an opinion and i guess they think the song is funny. Objectively...the lyrics are pretty funny. Isnt the worst thing about the BHG is that they're a tad innocuous? Expressing their libidos in rhyme form... come on, theyre better things to worry about in your life Im sure.
Like lets get Margaret Cho's show back on the air!!! (even though it sucky sucky.)
have a sense of humor, or at least seperate the harmless from the really dangerous.

BGH: harmless

Activist with too much time on her hands:
Really dangerous

Now i know you fellow asian okayplayers are going to rape me now...
Bring it!


P.s. Cornbread is homophobic, and he's on this friggin website! Tryin to raise awarness for gay and race issues on a site that supports a homophobe is pretty damn funny to me.