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Topic subjectviv, i agree that the lyrics are offensive, BUT
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24656, viv, i agree that the lyrics are offensive, BUT
Posted by Aja, Fri May-26-00 03:20 AM
understand that the bloodhound gang know EXACTLY, what they're doing-and they're doing a good job of it

the more controversy that they generate, the more fans they get

the more fans they get, the more album sales they generate-which is probably why geffen signed them in the first place

not to mention notoriety

for all we know, they may not mean what they're saying or singing, BUT this is their livelihood

am i defending them??-HELL NO

but i just want you to be aware of what these fools are doin'

and with a lot of people and various organizations arranging protests against the bloodhound gang-y'all are doing exactly what bloodhound wants you to do-promote them even more

but i am glad that this issue was brought out in the open, and that we are discussing this because this can't be ignored-joke or no joke-maybe more organizations can be formed in our communities as a result-and not any of those "sitting" organizations, but the kind that are really interacting and working with the people of their communities