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24654, RE: check this link
Posted by guest, Thu May-25-00 11:54 AM
definitely check out that link... and peep the mp3's.... hit me up at jona@2tongues.com (i manage 2tongues and pacifics). if you want clean versions for radio play or whatnot. so far daveyd. has already given us love and played the tracks and had a live interview w/us about it all. so, enter the contest, or let us know how you like the tracks... all the support and luv so far has been amazing!

the site...
www.2tongues.com/yellowfist - the campaign, mp3's and contest

the players...
www.2tongues.com - i was born with two tongues, panAsian spoken word group

www.propagandamovement.com - PACIFICS, for some of that "go ill" hip hop

www.galapagos4.com - emcee offwhyte's projects

the mission...
to force feed OUR cure for the BHG's yellow fever