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Topic subjectRE: My blood is boiling too, but not for the same reason
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24648, RE: My blood is boiling too, but not for the same reason
Posted by guest, Sat May-20-00 07:15 PM
Well you guys are sorta right. My roommate (I live in the dormitory) has two albums by the Bloodhound Gang, and he said that "Yellow Fever" was originally on of their albums, but they started printing that album without the song, apparently because someone protested. Of course you can still download it on Napster (as my roommate did), get on a used CD, or perhaps hear it in concert. And while I'd heard the song before off of his computer, I was astonished when I actually read the lyrics. And this is after hearing "Got Rice," "Tai Mai Shu," "Combo #5," and Monty Python's "I Like Chinese." My Asian-American friends here tend to think those songs are funny but then I think they'd have trouble thinking that for this song. I mean damn...

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