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24647, RE: velo...just so u know...
Posted by guest, Sun May-21-00 06:16 PM
I just checked the three Geffen albums that are available now. I wasn't aware that they had anyting else out. I stand corrected.

Posting lyrics, raising awareness, protesting, this is what I agree with. I draw the line, however, at attempting to censor a group based on racist/tasteless lyrics while hundreds of other albums with comparable or worse material remains on the shelves.

>Editor of UW humor publication to
>resign over article
>May 20, 2000, 11:00 PM
>sad fact is that a lot
>of people still just doesn't
>get it.

Well, the story was obviously in horrible taste and racists, I won't dispute that. I also won't argue his resignation. He violated his paper's standards (I'm assuming that this is UW's daily student paper, endorsed by the University and not an alternative student run group with no school ties) and in doing so has to accept the consequences of his actions.

Let's say that this was in an independent student publication with no outside ties however. Doesn't he have the right to print the same article?

>"Throughout history, it has been the
>inaction of those who could
>have acted, the indifference of
>those who should have known
>better, the silence of the
>voice of justice when it
>mattered most, that has made
>it possible for evil to
>triumph. "
>Haile Selassie
>...might be a little too heavy
>a quote for this... but
>you get the point.

Point taken. If the action Selassie talks about includes educating, protesting injustices, inacting positive change when in a position to do so, etc., then by all mean I agree. If it means censoring un-PC (or just plain stupid) ideas, then I have to disagree. Free speech means free speech, not necessarily good speech. When you have a policy of free speech like the US has(let me correct that, like the US is supposed to have) you have to take the good with the bad (and IMHO, trying to change the thinking that causes the bad).


Between me and every ideal I always find Scheisskopfs, Peckems, Korns, and Cathcarts. And that sort of changes the ideal.

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