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24646, velo...just so u know...
Posted by guest, Sun May-21-00 05:25 PM
they have commercially released it... or did you even bother to check that?

"Although Geffen Records refused to release either of the tracks on this seven inch, "Yellow Fever" has appeared on more Republic Records releases (the original Republic Records release of One Fierce Beer Coaster, the Republic Records vinyl release of One Fierce Beer Coaster (post-Geffen), One Censored Beer Coaster, and a future album release) than any other Bloodhound Gang song."

"I may disagree with what he says... but I will defend to the death... his right to say!"...ummm does that only apply to the performers on stage? See it really isn't as simple as "If you don't like them, don't buy their stuff" when you are in a position like Pacha and you believe that a good deal of your customers probably wouldn't buy their latest album (regardless of wether this song was in their current one or not) if they are made aware of the lyrics and that a great deal of people are deeply offended by it.
And the point of the original post is to increase public awareness and dialogue on the social ramifications of the lyrics in the song and to organize against the group’s performances this summer. Though I believe that part of bloodhound gang's audience are fans precisely because of those lyrics, I do think that there's a significant enough amount of their audience that would think twice about supporting the group if personally confronted with the issue. I think it's a lot harder to say, they were just kiddin, once you can put a face to the issue since most of these things arise from ignorance and a lack of contact with people other than your own race.

on a similar issue, I'd be interested what you guys think about the following:
Editor of UW humor publication to resign over article
May 20, 2000, 11:00 PM

SEATTLE – The editor of a University of Washington humor publication is resigning over an article written in an insert in Friday's 'Daily' newspaper. It was printed in a special section called "The Mutt."

According to the article, published Friday, the UW will meet its diversity goals by recruiting black prison inmates under a new outreach program.

The article said one "Bubbha Buthlter" entered the UW eight weeks after his release from Washington State Penitentiary and was awaiting the transfer of six of his former prison colleagues. Under the new program, the article said, the inmates must sign a behavioral contract with their parole officers before stepping onto the UW campus.

"It's an outrageous, offensive, racist and homophobic piece," UW President Richard McCormick said. "I have seen miserable things in The Daily (student newspaper) before, but this is the worst. It is so blatantly racist and so offensive in every way."

Tyrone Porter, a doctoral student in bioengineering involved in minority recruitment at the UW, was one of two students who expressed anger over the article at the UW Board of Regents meeting Friday.

"That was the only question I had in the meeting today: `Why?,"' Porter said. "It's the same question that was asked in the '60s, the same question that was asked in the '70s, it's the same question that's been asked through the decades."

sad fact is that a lot of people still just doesn't get it.

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph. "
Haile Selassie

...might be a little too heavy a quote for this... but you get the point.