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Topic subjectRE: My blood is boiling too, but not for the same reason
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24644, RE: My blood is boiling too, but not for the same reason
Posted by guest, Sat May-20-00 01:36 PM

>This song is not on any
>of their three albums.
> Getting rid of
>their albums will not get
>rid of this song.
>Did anyone even bother to
>check that?
I've been in to work since I posted, & now I see that the song is not commercially available. I don't know the track listing of every CD at work, simple as that. The Bloodhound Gang websites I went on did not have track listings either.

To attempt to
>ban their music from your
>store is not only hypocritical,
>but blatently illegal.
I believe in free speech. I also believe that parents should know what their kids listen to. When a kid asks for Korn or Brotha Lynch, our store policy is that we don't sell that stuff to anyone under 16 years of age if they are without their parents. It does bother me that my job promotes racist and sexist views, but...

>if you're
>going to ban The Bloodhound
>Gang's music you also have
>to get rid of all
>the 2 Live, DMX, Pantera,
>etc, etc, etc in your
>store. How exactly do
>you justify

It's true that it is hypocritical of me to be getting paid off of DMX and Pantera, but I took the job for love of music and books. For every C-Bo I sell, there's a Van Morrison CD or out-of-print book I sell too. In the store, we don't play objectionable music or put up posters that depict violence or drug use. We also have PETA posters on our walls, free PETA pamphlets, and about 30% of our profits go to charity. We donate music and books to our local Humane Society's rummage sale. That's how I justify what I do.

-Velo, it's good you're an agitator. I've read your stuff about biking, and it got me off my ass and I ride to work on days when I don't have errands to run during work. Thanks.