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Topic subjectMy blood is boiling too, but not for the same reason
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24643, My blood is boiling too, but not for the same reason
Posted by guest, Thu May-18-00 09:47 PM
This song is not on any of their three albums. They have never commercially released it. Getting rid of their albums will not get rid of this song. Did anyone even bother to check that? Or did kneejerk emotional reactions cloud good judgement? To attempt to ban their music from your store is not only hypocritical, but blatently illegal. I'm with TinkyWinky here, if you're going to ban The Bloodhound Gang's music (and I use that term loosely) in the name of good taste and racial harmony, you also have to get rid of all the 2 Live, DMX, Pantera, etc, etc, etc in your store. How exactly do you justify banning a group's albums anyway? Didn't Luke go through this a decade ago? Did a ban work then? Nope, only made 2 Live more popular. In a business where no publicity is bad publicity, if you want them to go away simply ignore them. This band sells shock, just like Tom Greene, just like Howard Stern, just like any random studio thug. Are you going to ban them too? Where does the censoring stop? Or does it? If you don't like them, don't buy their stuff, simple as that.

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