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24633, RE: no, folks...
Posted by guest, Wed May-24-00 11:46 PM
tink, she obviously didn't miss your point. she was merely responding to one of them in which you wrote "they ARE kidding" ...which actually doesn't make much sense as a defense, justification or explanation, since it is the act itself of these privileged white kids putting these blatantly misogynist and racist lyrics in a song and profitting from it at the expense of minorities that is ultimately offensive.
What I do find pointless is to simply say "they ARE kidding" then disregard it's effects or the root of the act itself.
You seem to think that "there's plenty of blatantly misogynistic music out there that the same people who would protest this song would pay $20 for on CD."
I personally disagree. I don't believe that most people who would protest this song would shell out $20 to purchase blatantly misogynistic music.
>"i'm not accusing anyone on this thread, but i think overall it's EXTREMELY hypocritical."
Tinky, fact is you do not know the personal history of the people, on this thread or not,who do protest this song, and to baselessly call them or the act of protest EXTREMELY hypocritical is just over eager, reactionary posting.
what i AM bothered by though is your dismissal of viv as simply "making a point about a surface issue" whatever that means, even though you haven't had any input on the issue itself besides "they ARE kidding".