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24628, RE: just so you know....
Posted by guest, Mon May-22-00 10:45 PM
who the fu*k cares if they're kidding or not? either way it's still a piece of sh*t. he wasn't kidding when he said alla this:

Rolling Stone 6/6/00

*Phuong, the Asian-American women's alliance, is protesting your song "Yellow Fever." Has anyone ever confronted you?

We get letters, but one of our first fans is a girl named Mandy Springfellow, who's Asian. I forward the letters to her, she answers them, and she can say, "Shut up you dumb Chink," 'cause coming from her, it's OK.

*Don't you think Asian women have a valid argument? You talk about blindfolding a girl with dental floss.

That's an old joke. It's out of Truly Tasteless Jokes 8 from 1986. People have problems with it becuase there's stereotypes in there, but stereotypes exist for a reason -- there's a kernel of truth in them... I'm just having a laugh. I think that if a person is in the mind-set that they were being attacked, they will respond to it that way. "Yellow Fever" is a song about me wanting to bang Asian chicks. In my own way, I'm saying that I like Asian chicks. Hopefully people want to laugh with me...

actually i couldn't give a f*ck about this stupid ass band. i'm not surprised neither at how far white people will take things thinkin it's alright. and hypocrisy? -- that could be a whole 'nother post in itself and only detracts from this point. i was posting to make people aware of some more twistings in babylon cuz ever since i got that post, i see that these f*ckers are everywhere (in the white media). they are jus popular enough to get a gig opening up for Outkast. that's right, Outkast and the Bloodhound Gang. disgusting. (no disrespect to Outkast at all. i know they don necessarily have any control over bookings like that, but i'm jus sayin this is how babby flips it...)