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Topic subjectMaybe not aliens but........
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24619, Maybe not aliens but........
Posted by guest, Wed May-24-00 05:03 AM
Did you know about the room under the right paw of the Sphinx?

Discovered a few years ago by sonic detectors, the Egyptian government refused to grant Western archiologists the right to excavate the site.

In 1997 a tape landed in the hands of some journalists in the UK of Zahi Hawass (Head of Egyptian Heritage) in front of a stone door saying that in a few moments he will open this door to a room "under the Sphinx" live in front of the whole world. Apparently it was a showreel selling the rights of opening to different networks around the world.

Wierd thing - An American 'prophet' called Edgar Cayce predicted in the 1930s that people will find a room underneath the right paw of the Sphinx in 1996/97. He also said that this room would contain a 'repositary of knowledge of human history' showing that the Egyptians are of the same heritage of the Toltecs and Mayans and come from Atlantis. However he claimed that the Egyptian and certain governments would supress this knowledge.

Theres a lot more to this as well (which I won't go into cuz it will lead away from the thread)

This sort of thing excites me
Maybe I watch to much X Files

But I thought you'd might find this interesting