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Topic subjectMy only issue
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24591, My only issue
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-01-00 10:07 AM
Is that you were raising your dispute against an entire continent and you admit that you primarily mean the Greeks and the Romans and I further offered up European colonialists and the European sciene community as culprits.

Now you're talking about white people- and thats the kinda stuff Im trying to avoid. you Know me- you know Im casting off this whole idea of race classification and encouraging others to do so as well. The saving grace of my philosophy is that there is culture and ethnicity that serves well enough as man's origins and while most whites may be under the impression that they are people of race they should be happy to know and happy to embrace that they are European Americans instead.

But its crucial to understand that it doesnt stop there- cuz Europe is a pretty big place. I cant settl for people just calling themselves European Americans just as I cant settle for calling myself African American. Likewise i cant allow you to make such comments about all European cultures when we both know that there are specific crimes commited by specific peoples. Id much rather you say their name so that we may all understand the prospect of accountability- should we really hold the Swiss accountable for the deeds of Rome- no then we shouldnt blame Europeans for the crimes of a few (yet very poewrful) European nations.

surely you understand