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24590, but really
Posted by Nubia, Thu Jun-01-00 07:51 AM
I paralleled the situations only to show how devastating it is when something you have manifested is used against you. We are a very creative people who put our heart into many things that we did and still do. Our ancestors did nothing on accident, they secured certain tradition and achievement whether it be religion, architecture, art, philosophy and others with intent and purpose. They planned for us. they wanted their legacies to be in tact for hundreds and thousands of generations to come. You have to understand the frustration I have, because when I look at all of the things that stemmed from our existence in the ancient years it pains me to know that they are not recognized as ours. And Truly I'm not concerned if whites enjoy our wealth I mean we manifested things that if utilized correctly could aid many lands… but when the children (symbolically speaking) of these dynamos are purposely and deliberately kept in the dark about their heritage… that's another story. That's like a father building a house for his children to live in when his physical has passed and a neighbor from around the corner comes and lives in it and keeps it for his family.

I am in the constant position of someone who has to continuously affirm and convince my peers and those younger and even elder that they are vital... That they have the ability to do anything and the proof is in the history. I mean its just a shame… those things about our story and past that are visually linked to our ancestors like the pyramids for example were even accused of being a "mystery". Of course its common knowledge now but whites specifically were like "there's no way the people of that land could have possibly built something so powerful intricate and ingenious". I mean damn… our past is where we will draw our power.

And as far as the language goes I simply said that we manifested the first language and made references to the language we used today.

"Bias"? Yeah no doubt about it… that is something I have to work through because when it comes to facts and being objective its easier and healthier to have as little amount of emotion as possible. But this is a struggle that I face everyday

Amina NiaRa (Nubia)
You write like I breathe. It sustains you, like the air drawn into my lungs sustains me. Please keep breathing.
- mikeONE

with each word you manifest reality...
speech is by nature and must continue to be divine.

Limitations are self manifested...

perfection changes daily as revolutions continously take place...

We gotta build yall... No time to be enemies it'sbout time we started LIVING IN some VITAL ENERGY