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24589, coincidence
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-01-00 03:38 AM
You might be able to demonstrate that Egypt was the first to develop official examples of their language and civilization but you cant necessarily say that all things came from that point. Sure there was influence abound among the peoples of early earth but there are examples of human intellectual development all about the world that doesnt necessarily correlate to Egyptian influence.

Did asians learn from Egypt? Indigenous Americans? The idea that African tribes as a whole got all their language from Egypt is not even sound and they shared a body of land.

The problem Im finding with your claims is that it seems to pruport that all things came from Egypt and KMT and thats simply not true. All things may have flourished through KMT but there are several civilizations that existed totally indepndently of its influence. Did the Norsemen incorporate african influence, the barbarians, the mongols?

As for Nas- your analogy calls into question the idea of creative and artistic integrity which is not necessarily a tradition of architecture, mathematics, and science especially on the formulative level. If you teach a man how to fish- you expect him to fish, would you expect him to give every fish he caught to you, would you expect him to say you caught it? On some of the levels you're citing African influence wasnt stolen it was appreciated- and subsequently many peoples began to develop on their own accord.

What about the example of sculpture between Egyptians and Greeks- its hardly the same tradition; the only apparent influence might be the materials used to build but even then there is a large discrepancy due to the geographical locations of each culture. You cant altogether slight European developments cuz they made many.