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Posted by Nubia, Wed May-31-00 12:05 PM

In response

The first land to ever gain civilized structure was Nubia… then stemming from Nubia was KMT (Egypt) KMT was the first and I mean very first to produce written language… the language that many currently refer to as Hieroglyphics. This as it is widely know is a language of symbol and picture VS letter and word. However the concept behind the ideas of the language are even evident in the words we speak today. For example…

“SM” (which is just a description of how the word would sound) represents the Ideal of “symbol” in the language of KMT
Just look at the word “symbol”
Another would be
“NTR” which means divine, and when speaking of divine in the tradition of KMT we are most certainty referring to NaTuRe (or natus) the English that we use now has seen many revisions but the root of these words still stem from ancient Egyptian origin

This is no coincidence there are lots more incidents just like these… the symbolism and meanings in much of the language we speak comes from the various ancient Egyptian text.

And before I continue I will clarify the fact that many things that we see today are infact originally African. And is my understanding that those same things that I speak of have been classified as being of European origin.

Okay so you know those pillars and arcs that the Euros received such praise for… the Greeks specifically… like the ones that you see on the White House infact…. And many of the Greek architectural structures well they are too among the stolen jewels of KMT and its evident on just about any depiction in ancient Kemetic history.

Greek ways of thought? Well theres the obvious pyramid theorem that I will assume you know of but that’s just one. When you get to philosophy it is safe and accurate to say that Greek philosophy is basically Egyptian philosophy with a different face and name

Um it seems like to me that your knowledge of Egypt is kinda of shallow… I say this because of the continuos references to “gods” and such… you have only referred to what seemingly has been presented to all… there are things about KMT that like many things in African history have been hidden …
The rulers of KMT were far more than brothas with a god complex as you have made them out to be.
And yes when it comes to the self-image of African people wholistically I have to be a bit nit picky because we were made to belive that our contributions to this society as a whole were near non existent when that’s so far from the truth it stinks. I cannot go a day with out seeing something that is native to my homeland and im not just speaking of North Africa but of the continent as a whole.
Like just the other day I was talking about the representation of pounds (lb) stemming from the astronomical sign Libra noticing how the symbol for that sign is indeed a scale it made perfect since when this was first brought to my attention. When I did make mention of this my Professor immediately jumped into the whole usage of the scale to represent justice. And I said yeah... balance the scale is actually an ancient Egyptian symbol originally called the Makat synonymous with MAAT, who represented all that was balanced and the idea of justice was one of her virtues.

And you know its funny how when one African person does something great they are recognized as that one African person… and when there is a negative light shed on one or a group of African people then that light shines throughout the entire culture. However when a few Europeans do something great (when nine times out of ten its not really their achievement) it is a huge step for their people. Yet when one person does something wrong (and yet again in most cases its never really just one) people get defensive on some… hey lets not stereotype and generalize… that always seems to make me wonder.

And um… lets say I listened to oh I don’t know Nas and I was one who greatly appreciated his style and the things he said. And I wanted to peruse a career in the music business as means of survival… so I listen to Nas cause you know… the guy is swell and so Im at home writing lyrics in hopes of one day these lyrics becoming something that would help me secure myself financially…. Cuzz um I gotta eat to survive… much like the Greeks had ta build these structures efficiently in order to ensure their safety and shelter. so what happens if in my “creative process” I use a verse from one of Nas’ joints in my ish….. and I act as if I wrote it myself… never once giving credit to him… I mean granted he IS one of my favorites and all… would I not be guilty of some serious “sharkin”?

And what if I did it continuously…. And what if I didn’t even exactly use his words but his exact rhyme style…. Then in the midst of all this passing myself off as creative and innovative and then moving on to become celebrated for my “skill” and originality… meanwhile Nas ain’t getting no recognition from anyone in regards to the ish I stole from him….

No would that not be major crime … c’mon now
And hey why stop there… lets say that the style that I originated set a new standard for excellence in hip-hop… meanwhile Nas is over on a street corner somewhere going broke cuzz he cant for some reason sell records to the same audience that once appreciated his style. But has no need for it because I and everyone else who has imitated me supplied that need for quality music.

I mean do you see the pattern here?

Amina NiaRa (Nubia)
You write like I breathe. It sustains you, like the air drawn into my lungs sustains me. Please keep breathing.
- mikeONE

with each word you manifest reality...
speech is by nature and must continue to be divine.

Limitations are self manifested...

perfection changes daily as revolutions continously take place...

We gotta build yall... No time to be enemies it'sbout time we started LIVING IN some VITAL ENERGY