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24586, RE: but thats where you're wrong
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-01-00 03:26 AM
Ive read a little Diop but none of the others.

I dont see how you can call all European examples of African influence thievery yet admonish the egyptians when you claim they did it to. You say on one hand it is the way that Europeans did it that diminishes the dignity of their learning from Africans but you're not giving any examples of how it was reasonable for them to gain that influence and not necessarily site the source.

If a guy in Egypt teaches me how to build with mortar and pestle so i can go back to greece and build a home- how much credit am i supposed to give him- is it his home? On the converse you site that Egyptians gained influence from "invaders" and I doubt they cited their sources- nonetheless they arent thieves.

Your opinion on the matter is impressive as far as your research but its still very biased and vague in referencing the actual cultures that supposedly robbed African culture.

Itd be one thing if you said the Greeks stole it- cuz they did, but you're saying Europeans as a whole and thats just not true.