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24582, RE: but thats where you're wrong
Posted by Nubia, Wed May-31-00 12:08 PM

Okay now… just a question
Have you ever read any of Diop’s works… how about John Henrick Clarke … or George GM James?
There is also a book called Nile Valley Civilization… however I forget who the author of it is… but anyhow… this is just out of curiosity.

And by the way as far as Egyptians being thieves by my definition…
I will say that if you do not embrace your own original ways of being then you infact are embracing someone else’s and that is indeed wrong. However most of this was a case of accepting outside influence and exploring ways that didn’t originally belong to us that ultimately brought forth harm to our own culture. Vs. going out and seeking the greatness of others and then saying that it’s your own… not to mention the amount of deceit and betrayal that went along with this. Keep in mind the history of African and European relations we ain’t never went to their land and stole from them nor attached their existence…so that makes what we do just a but different from what they do

Amina NiaRa (Nubia)
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- mikeONE

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