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Topic subjectRE: but thats where you're wrong
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24581, RE: but thats where you're wrong
Posted by guest, Wed May-31-00 09:27 AM
>the fact still remains that thier
>actions served as a functioning
>tool of oppression and mental
>conditioning. and when I say
>Eurpoean I am saying it
>with the full understanding of
>who Im speaking of...

But Im trying to figure out who you're speaking of. Who's actions served as a tool of oppressions- Ive never once been denied a job because of swiss cheese nor has any brutha ever been hung over croissants.

We're supposed to know our enemy right? or are we just supposed to have a vague continental idea of where our enemy comes from?

Cmon amina you cant drop all those accusations and not have one bit of evidence. Im not saying you're wrong or lying but if we're supposed to be sharing information pointing the finger at an entire continent just aint gonna cut it.

Maybe YOU know who you're talking about but how the hell would we know- and if you know- how bout you tell us. Europe is a pretty big place- holding Europeans entirely responsible for crimes of inhumanity is outrageous; what about the Russians, Austrians, Czechloslovakians, Dutch, Belgians, Prussians, Swiss- did these people ever even migrate to African portions of the world- no so what on Earth are they guilt of?